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3 tips to ease your way into exercise (part two)

On Monday we chatted about setting health and fitness goals as a way to ease your way into exercise. But what next once you’ve got that goal in mind? Read on for tips two and three…

Tip #2: don’t go too hard too fast

If you’ve done what most people do and built your start or return to exercise up to be a big deal, something that’s going to be hard work or something that you’re really not going to enjoy, then the sheer idea of exercise is now hugely overwhelming!

So let’s stop, take a moment and reset. If you start off with too much too soon, then yes, the above might be true, but if you start off with something simple, something you know you can do, something that is guaranteed to make you feel good, once you’ve completed it you will be encouraged to go and do again – and that’s what we’re aiming for.

Low-intensity workouts are a good way to reintroduce the body to activity, frequency, and duration. After a week or two, or when you’re feeling more confident, you can bump up the intensity.


Tip #3: find an exercise buddy

Exercising with a friend comes with a number of benefits – the first being that you’ll show up to a training session if you’ve promised a friend you’ll be there!

In addition to accountability, it can be more fun training with a friend than on your own, it’s a great excuse for a catch up (as long as you actually exercise too J ), you are likely to be more encouraged to try new moves if someone is doing it with you, you are also more likely to exercise a bit harder with a buddy too – at least the Kohler effect tells us so!

The Köhler effect occurs when individuals work better when placed in a team environment than they would on their own and many studies looking into this have supported the theory. In a Michigan State study, women who were told that they had super-fit virtual sweat sisters simultaneously spinning with them, pedalled for nearly twice as long as those who believed they were working out alone.

If you’re struggling to get your exercise groove on – and believe us, you’re not the first and won’t be the last! – try the above tips and see how you go.



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