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For beginners or those returning to exercise


We were so excited to launch FitTin officially at the AGHA Sydney Fair two weeks ago. We had some much great feedback and interest, from Adelaide, to regional WA and up to the Gold Coast so you should start to see us popping up in retailers in the future. Of course, we appreciate a helping hand so please do spread the word!

Due to popular request (which we’re so flattered by!) we’ve also decided to sell directly and we’re aiming to get our online store up and running in the coming weeks. If you can’t wait until then, please email sales@fittin.com.au and we’ll happily process your purchase manually.

We’re launching with two FitTins, Newbie No Props and Rising Star Gym Props. You can read a little more about our levels here to decide which FitTin is for you:

The Newbies No Props FitTin is aimed at beginners or those returning to exercise after a break who just want to get started with no equipment, perhaps at home, in the garden or your local park.

The Rising Stars Gym Props FitTin is aimed at those who have a gym membership and want ready-made workouts using gym equipment – perhaps in between classes or a personal trainer.

We have so many FitTins to launch to keep you motivated and challenged so watch this space. You can sign up for updates via our website and follow up on our social channels Instagram and Facebook.

So for now, keep fitness fun, distraction-free and make it fit your lifestyle – with FitTin.

Jo and Em


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