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FitTin to launch at Sydney AGHA

FitTin: does what it says on the tin

~ FitTin gives the gift of fitness workouts in a beautifully designed tin ~

AGHA Gift Fair, Sydney, February 18, 2017 – Distraction-free, fitness sessions for all levels and locations are now available with the launch of FitTin, a range of fun, ready-made workouts in a beautifully designed gift tin.

Whilst health and fitness apps and websites have become popular, a recent study has shown that using a smartphone during exercise can reduce the time spent on high intensity activities, impact your balance and stability and affect form and posture.

Marketed as “old-school, distraction-free fitness in a tin”, FitTin helps people of all levels wherever they are start exercise, maintain fitness, stay motivated and improve their health with 20 workouts on a deck of cards in each tin.

With three levels, Newbie, Rising Stars and High Achievers, and varying equipment options, FitTin fits into your life, your ability level as well as your bag for on the go fitness. Each workout is individually designed by a qualified, experienced fitness trainer, and each FitTin includes welcome, warm-up, cool down and stretch, fun facts and motivation cards.

Now available for beginners with no need for equipment, Newbies No Props is perfect for people who want to get (re)started on their fitness journey but need some help with motivation, workout plans and know-how. No equipment is needed, so it’s ideal for people to use anywhere, in their own home or garden, in the park if they have babies, children or pets, in a gym or on the road while travelling.

“The best workout is the one you actually do – and we recognised that’s half the problem – what do you do if you don’t know where to start or need some fresh ideas? People often assume a few things: a long workout is a good workout, pedalling slowly on a bike with a magazine is a workout, or that you need a personal trainer if you want to get fit. At FitTin we reinforce that a well-planned, varied workout is the best workout – by yourself or with a friend or partner, it’s more efficient and never feels like a chore,” said qualified Personal Trainer and FitTin Co-Founder, Emily Boylin.

Smartphones can be helpful for music motivation but they can also be really distracting – a check of social media here, a quick text message there – a couple of times during your workout and that’s another ten minutes gone. We’ve gone old-school with FitTin – a distraction-free workout with a lightweight oversized card,” she added.

For more information and to buy, please visit http://www.fittin.com.au, or check out social media for tips, tricks, news and inspiration: Instagram and Facebook.

About FitTin

FitTin was created to take the thinking out of exercise sessions with simple, fun workouts to get you moving, into shape and feeling fantastic!

Specifically, FitTin is a deck of cards with workout sessions…but not just one tin of cards, we have a tin for all audiences – Newbies, Rising Stars and High Achievers (see Which FitTin is for you for further explanation on who you are). We have tins that use no props, your own props and gym props.

For more information and to buy, please visit http://www.fittin.com.au, or check out social media for tips, tricks, news and inspiration: Instagram and Facebook.

Jo Balfour, FitTin, Jo@fittin.com.au, 0405 542 018

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