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Is an exercise too hard or too easy?

Is an exercise or workout too hard or too easy? Follow our top 5 tips to regress or progress a workout to your individual ability.

At FitTin we understand that everyone has different fitness levels – which is why we have created three different audiences, newbies, rising stars and high achievers. But we also know within one audience everyone is still different!

For example, while one beginner to exercise might find squats quite simple and easy to do, another beginner to exercise may find them really hard…and the same applies for any exercise that we prescribe. Likewise, one rising star may find mountain climbers quite straight forward to complete, but another rising star might struggle to get their knees anywhere near their chest during mountain climbers!

That’s why we’ve pulled together a few tips for making an exercise (or a whole workout) easier or harder – so if you feel like something is a little too challenging or not quite challenging enough, try the tips below to get it right for you…

Let’s make it a little easier…

There is always an easier version of an exercise, so don’t give up! If you find an exercise too hard, let’s regress it a little. Give any of the below a try:

  1. Slow down: slow the exercises down – there is no rush to complete an exercise, so take your time to make it a little easier
  2. Change the range of motion: decreasing the range of motion of an exercise will make it easier
  3. Change the reps: decrease the amount of repetitions of an exercise – complete 10 reps instead of 15 or 15 reps instead of 20. Aim to complete the set amount of reps once you feel more confident and able to
  4. Rest: take a rest during your workout – for example, if you have a number of repetitions to complete, try completing five, then rest for five seconds, complete another five, rest for another five seconds, until you have completed all the reps
  5. Change the stability: adding extra stability to an exercise will make it easier – for example, remove the stepping part of a step forward lunge and complete lunges on the spot, lower the height of a step for step ups, drop to your knees or move your knees closer to your hands when completing push ups

Let’s make it a little harder…

There is always a harder version of an exercise so you can challenge yourself! If you find an exercise too easy or you want to step your fitness up a little, let’s progress it. Try any of the below to make it harder:

  1. Speed up: speed up an exercise and complete as many reps as you can – please ensure your technique doesn’t suffer and you are still completing full range of motion exercises
  2. Change the reps: increase the number of repetitions of an exercise – if you have a number of exercises to complete, add another 10-15 repetitions to challenge yourself
  3. Change the reps: increase the amount of time you’re completing an exercise for – add another 30-60 seconds to the exercise
  4. Add weight: add weight to an exercise to make it more challenging – if an exercise if body weight and your hands are free, pick up a weight to complete the exercise
  5. Change the stability: playing with the stability of an exercise can make an exercise harder too – for example, carefully adding a jump to squats, sumo squats or lunges (ensuring safe landing each time), placing one hand on a ball during push ups, using a higher step for step ups or lifting one foot off the ground without shifting your hips in a plank

You can try the above tips with any individual exercise or apply them to a whole workout if you like. Just remember…if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you – so don’t go making it too easy!

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