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Get fit for $3.40 per week – exercise doesn’t have to be expensive

Getting fit doesn’t have to be expensive.

I was slightly flabbergasted when I read this article on News.com.au
about how much some fitness activities can cost – and these don’t even include a gym membership or using a combination of gym + other activities.

And let’s be realistic, how many people have a fitness membership and just how may actually use it – especially when it gets to April and those New Year’s Resolutions are waning.

Forget smashed avo sucking up your house deposit, how about your boxing, yoga and spin classes?? That’s a mindboggling amount of money being spent or not used. And a whole bunch of fitness not happening.

FitTin was born from the idea of trying to save some money (on an admittedly very good Personal Trainer) to build up some savings for a specific purpose. I would write my exercise plans on little Post-It notes, laminate them on my $20 laminator (called the Glaminator) and take them to the park or up to the gym.

It occurred to me that if I needed workout plans, other people did, and so I picked up the phone to a friend Em, who as a PT and group trainer, immediately grasped how useful ‘FitTin’ could be. We collaborated on the concept, she wrote all the programs from ground up, and we launched two FitTins three months later – one with equipment, one that needs no equipment.

FitTin costs $45 and with 20 PT workouts in each tin, is effectively 5 PT sessions a week for a month. Realistically, it’s a three month program, or $15 per month, or $3.40 per week, – even cheaper than a fitness and waaaaay less distracting!!

And let’s face it, who isn’t trying to trying to get off their phone more this year?

FitTin – old-school distraction-free workouts in a gift tin. Good for you, good for your bank balance!

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