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Sneaky Ways to ‘FitTin’ Exercise

Sneaky Ways You Can Exercise More

Ally Feiam 12/07/2017

Getting your daily exercise into your routine can be tough, especially if you’re always busy. Sometimes we simply don’t have time to go to the gym (and sometimes we just don’t want to), but that can take its toll. Exercise is an important part of being healthy, and we need to get at least thirty minutes of cardio in order to keep our hearts nice and healthy. Here are a few ways you can sneak exercise into your day without having to hit the gym!

Make Your Bed
Making your bed seems like a chore, but it’s a great way to get your body moving as soon as you wake up. When you get out of bed, have a quick stretch and get your blood pumping by fixing your bed. Not only will your muscles be nice and warmed up for the day, but your sheets and your doona will look beautiful! There’s no better feeling than coming home and seeing a nice, fresh doona on your bed.

Park Further Away
If you often find yourself driving to work, you can sneak some extra exercise into your routine by parking a little bit further away than you usually would. This way, you can get some fresh air in the morning and get in a bit of extra cardio. Who knows, you may even find a better deal for parking, especially if you work in the city.

Take The Stairs
This one is an oldie, but a goodie. Taking the stairs is a great way to sneak in some extra cardio into your daily routine. Your legs will be getting an extra workout, and you’ll feel your heart rate lift. Taking the stairs is a great alternative to taking the lift, plus you won’t have to face that awkward silent treatment from strangers who are on different levels of the building. Taking the stairs helps improve your cardio, strengthens your core, strengthens your quads and your makes your butt better. There are so many benefits of taking the stairs, so I’ll list a couple. Climbing stairs burn more calories per minute than jogging; it produces endorphins (you know, the happy hormone); taking the stairs helps control your weight and builds muscle tone. It’s not just climbing stairs, either. Going down the stairs can also burn calories, just not as much. Still, get climbing!

Squat While You Brush Your Teeth
Brushing your teeth is another essential for your health. Since you do it every day, why not incorporate some exercise into the mix? While you’re brushing your teeth, squat. With every squat, you’ll focus less on brushing your teeth and more on your balance and core strength. With that, you’ll end up brushing your teeth for longer and develop wicked core muscles and quads. You’re on a winning streak before you even leave for work.

Get A FitTin
Everyone needs a bit of a push when it comes to working out, even if they don’t want to admit it. FitTin is here to help provide that motivation. “FitTin is a gift tin of qualified trainer-designed workouts with 28 cards – 20 workouts, a welcome card, warm-up and cool-down cards, motivational tips and fitness fact cards. There’s a FitTin for all levels and equipment styles – newbies, rising stars and high achievers, with or without equipment for anytime anyplace workouts, park, home, beach or gym – no excuses!” Find out more about FitTin by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Walk It Out
Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, and Brad Stocks, the personal trainer from Strong and Lean Australia can show you how to make exercise a better experience. ”After dinner try going for a walk and go over all the great things that happened to you that day you haven’t acknowledged cause you were too busy. You got a compliment here, had a good laugh there, was praised at work, you’re pretty sure you caught that co-worker lingering on your new outfit a tad too long. Our minds can easily filter out all the wonderful things that happen in a day and filter in the perceived threats so we need to draw our mind’s eye back to these things. This shines a light on all the positive things in our life. It makes us feel great and gets us ready to rumble the next day! Try it – It will do a lot more for you than watching the news. No, it’s not going to do the same job as 1 hour of weights or some uphill sprints, but over the course of a month it matters, because you matter. So if you’re serious about your health and fitness and you’ve finally stopped buying into all the shortcuts and scams out there looking to take your money, see if you can bump up your NEAT (Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis). It all adds up!” Find out more about Strong and Lean by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

No Gym? No Problem
You don’t need a gym to get your muscles growing. Whilst you’re watching tv, pick up some cans of soup and do a couple of tricep curls above your head. If you’re hoping to tone your arms up, why not lean against your kitchen counter top and do a couple of tricep dips. They’re a great way to get your arms nice and toned, without having to go all the way to the gym to do it. From here you can also perform other strength and core building exercises on the furniture in your home. You can do push-ups on your table, wall squats or even sit-ups on your bedroom floor. The opportunities are endless, but the benefits are incredible.

You don’t have to go to the gym every day to stay fit and healthy. In fact, you can get all the exercise you need in the comfort of your own daily routine. These sneaky tips don’t have to disrupt your daily routine, but they can benefit you in more ways than you think! For sneaky ways you can eat healthier, read this article.


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