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By Em / December 8, 2017

Is an exercise too hard or too easy?

Is an exercise or workout too hard or too easy? Follow our top 5 tips to regress or progress a...

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By Em / August 7, 2017

If you’re running the Sydney City 2 Surf this weekend, this one is for you when you finish the race!

“Do I really need to stretch after exercise?” I hear you ask. And the answer is YES! When you exercise...

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By Em / July 13, 2017

A ‘how to’ guide for all FitTin exercises is now LIVE!

Getting started with your fitness journey can be daunting enough, never-mind figuring out how to complete different exercises – we...

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By Jo Balfour / July 12, 2017

Sneaky Ways to ‘FitTin’ Exercise

Sneaky Ways You Can Exercise More Ally Feiam 12/07/2017 Getting your daily exercise into your routine can be tough, especially...

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By Em / July 3, 2017

Not familiar with an exercise? Check out our exercise library!

If you’re stuck on how to complete an exercise, something doesn’t sound familiar to you, or you want to check...

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For beginners or those returning to exercise
By Em / March 13, 2017


We were so excited to launch FitTin officially at the AGHA Sydney Fair two weeks ago. We had some much...

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By Em / January 4, 2017

FitTin to launch at Sydney AGHA

FitTin: does what it says on the tin ~ FitTin gives the gift of fitness workouts in a beautifully designed...

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