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About FitTin

We created FitTin to take the thinking out of exercise sessions with simple, fun routines to get you moving, into shape and feeling fantastic!

Each FitTin includes a deck of cards featuring twenty workouts, with additional introductory, warm-up and cool-down instructions beautifully presented in a gift tin.

FitTin is for everyone, from newbies right through to hardcore exercise bunnies, and for those who like to use gym equipment, no equipment or their own equipment.

You can take your FitTin anywhere; do them in your living room, take them to the park, challenge a partner, pop them in your suitcase for holidays or to keep active during business trips. FitTin helps you enjoy a distraction-free work-out (instead of looking at your phone and “accidentally” checking social media or work email as we know all too well ourselves!).

You can mix and match your FitTins to change things up even more and we’ve also created a number of fun FitTins all dedicated to keeping you motivated and challenged.

We hope you love your FitTin, and most of all, have fun with it!