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Em and Jo met around seven years ago when Jo was participating in Em’s gruelling but fun fitness classes in sunny Bondi Beach – part of Em’s own personal training business. The pair hit it off and have been friends ever since.

With eighteen years’ communications and PR experience mostly in tech startups, Jo has been running her own boutique PR and communications agency for ten years (after quitting to start a swimwear business!). Two years ago, she also started an ethical beach, travel and casual bag company after on a mishap between her iPhone and water bottle. These businesses continue to grow well.

Jo used to run a lot (many half marathons and a marathon, plus regular power yoga and swimming) but a three year injury meant she became more of a frequent gym goer during her recovery.

This was largely her first time using the gym, and when not in classes or with her trainer, she would scribble workouts ideas on Post-It notes and laminate them for inspiration. No plan made for a less effective work-out and using apps on her phone meant that social media became the exercise!

Jo’s fitness goals this year include to get back to her challenging but favourite 18km run around Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House, and adopt a regular yoga practice. She recently took up bodyboarding, and wants to learn to surf.

Telling Em one day about her goals and her Post-It workout laminates made her immediately recognise the opportunity for ‘FitTin’.

And so, with Em’s fitness expertise and Jo’s business nous, FitTin was born almost overnight.

To say Em is passionate about health and fitness is an understatement! With over eight years’ experience as a personal and group trainer working with people of all ages and from all walks of life, she absolutely loves what she does and her energy can be infectious to anyone she crosses paths with.

Em believes that anyone, anywhere can change their life through exercise, they just need a little guidance on what works best for them and a sometimes a small nudge to get started (because starting is the hardest part). And so Em, also a health and fitness writer, designed and wrote the programs from scratch.

FiTin is based on Jo’s own desires to stay fit and healthy, and to be inspired and have fun doing it.