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Who are you?

Newbie = a beginner to exercise. If you’re completely new to exercise, haven’t exercised or have been a little inconsistent with your exercise for the last six months or longer or have only been exercising for the last three months.

Rising Star = an intermediate exerciser. If you have been exercising on a regular basis (2-3 times per week) for more than three months.

High Achiever = an advanced exerciser. If you have been exercising very regularly (4+ times per week) for the past six months or longer.


How do you like to train?

No Props = without any equipment, meaning you can complete your workout anytime, anywhere

Own Props = with a small selection of equipment, bought at a minimum cost. Our list includes a skipping rope, a fitball and some light hand weights, meaning you can complete your workout with your own gear anytime and anywhere you like

Gym Props = making use of all gym equipment, including cardio and strength machines, free weights, fitballs, kettlebells, skipping ropes and more!


Which FitTin is for you?

Newbie FitTins are designed using a combination of cardio and strength exercises in their most basic form, to get the heart rate pumping and the body moving. They consist of lower intensity moves, shorter durations and rest phases, but also use big muscle groups and include variations on exercises to keep you on track to gain results and to keep your sessions interesting! Building a solid foundation to exercise by creating a mind muscle connection and getting the body used to a selection of different movement patterns is super important to ensure you avoid injury and to prepare your body and mind for training harder in the future. All you need to do is decide which props you’d like to use!

Rising Star FitTins are designed using a combination of cardio and strength exercises, with body weight, plyometric and higher intensity exercises to get your body working a little bit harder. Exercises are longer in duration and rest phases are shorter to keep your heart rate up and muscles engaged. Compound exercises (exercises that use more than one muscle group at a time) and exercise combinations help burn more fat and engage more muscles to improve both strength and cardio fitness, propelling you further with your fitness levels so you feel fit and strong. Decide on your props and you’re ready to go!

High Achiever FitTins have a mixture of all types of exercise and focus on speed and power to push you to new limits with your workouts. They are dominant with plyometric exercises, back-to-back movements and active rest phases to ensure your cardio system and muscles are challenged throughout. By challenging your body, you are setting new limits to where your exercise can take you. This improves your cardio fitness and increases your strength and body’s lean muscle, all of which give you huge health improvements. Pick your props and get started!